The Spiral Partnership Trust

In July 2018, Mount Pleasant Lane Primary School became part of The Spiral Partnership Trust.


The Spiral Partnership Trust is a community of primary schools working together to make a positive difference to children's lives. The partnership of schools work in collaboration to provide exceptional quality of education to children. The Trust aims to provide:


 Excellent teaching and learning 
Always and everywhere


 What is special about Spiral?


We believe that we can offer to all our stakeholders something distinctive. Key features of our Trust include:

  • Creativity / Innovation; thinking beyond “the box”
  • Experienced and nationally recognised staff, especially at the senior level
  • Celebrating and maintaining individual school identities
  • Operating the management principle of “earned autonomy”
  • Providing excellent support when, where and how it is needed
  • A disciplined focus on performance and achievement
  • Building varied Learning Communities (everywhere, not just in the classroom)
  • Minimising paperwork that adds little value provided it is not needed for compliance purposes
  • ‘Partnerships’, Networking and Benchmarking
  • Mature and multiskilled Board expertise 


The pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning for our children ensures we focus on:


The recruitment of ambitious passionate teachers and committed support staff who want to make a difference to children’s lives;


  • High quality training, including regular input from nationally recognised trainers, and providing international opportunities where possible
  • System-led leadership and organisation;
  • The best possible teaching  complimented by high expectations of behaviour and organisation;
  • Expertise-led governance to support and challenge each school.
  • A focus on evidence based research to inform educational practice, including investment in Masters level qualification opportunities.


The Executive Heads work closely with the Headteachers of our schools to share the Trust values across the learning community.  They support and develop outstanding teachers and leaders as they take on the challenges of headship. The Trust also provides support services to other schools in need within our geographical area and senior leaders are encouraged to play a full part in partnerships and networking groups in Hertfordshire and beyond.


We welcome new members to our Trust who can share our ambitions for the quality of education we provide and who will share our Vision and Guiding Principles. Each school has the potential to support and be supported by other schools, offering excellent opportunities for development and growth within the Trust.


We are a small trust with big ambitions for the quality of education we provide. We work closely with HfL and Hertfordshire LA and are proud to be part of the "Hertfordshire family" of schools.


Spiral Partnership Trust was formed in January 2016 through a merger of the former Spiral Academies Trust and the Fleetville Trust. The strengths of each constituent Trust have been successfully merged into a unified Trust that knows where it is going and is focused on its prime mission of providing excellent teaching and learning for its children. The Trust takes Governance very seriously, and seeks to use the freedoms available to a Multi Academy Trust both innovatively and responsibly.


Financial information for The Spiral Partnership Trust is available here.


Spiral Partnership Trust

228 Hatfield Road

St Albans