Local School Committee

The Local School Committee (LSC)

All schools in Spiral Partnership Trust are ultimately governed by the Board of Directors. Accountability for the performance of each individual school is delegated to a Local School Committee which is made up of parent, staff, co-opted and community Governors. 


The Chair of the Local School Committee for MPL is James Reeve. You can contact the governors via this email address: or via the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also send letters for the governors to the school office.


What does the LSC do?

The Local School Committee at MPL has three important roles; to be strategic, act as a critical friend and to be accountable.


Strategic Role 
To be strategic, governors need to:

  • Ensure that the school has clear aims and values that are supported by the whole school community
  • Focus on raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning, so that pupils achieve to their potential.
  • Decide with the head, staff, pupils and parents the direction of the school through the school development planning process.
  • Ensure that the resources the school receives are directed to the school's priorities as determined in the school development plan.
  • Help to set and keep under review the policies that provide a broad framework within which the head teacher and staff should run the school.
  • Ensure that there are systems in place to check that progress is being made towards targets and that evidence is gathered.
  • Use that evidence to review overall progress against targets, to see whether policies and practice are effective, and to check on their school's achievements and progress over time and in comparison with similar schools.
  • Take advice on all of this from the head before making their own decisions.


Critical Friend Role 
To be a critical friend governors need to:

  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of the school.
  • Know where the school is not achieving as well as it could.
  • Provide support and encouragement to bring about improvement.
  • Strike an appropriate balance between support and challenge.


Accountability Role 

To be accountable governors need to:

  • Ensure the school promotes high standards of educational achievement.
  • Discuss, question and refine proposals and should respect the professional roles of the head teacher and other staff, and their responsibilities for the management of the school.
  • Be prepared to account for the school 's overall performance and to explain its decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest. 


The Local School Committee (LSC) meets at least once a term. The dates for the academic year 2021-2022 are:

  • Wednesday 29th September 2021
  • Thursday 25th November 2021
  • Tuesday 25th January 2022
  • Wednesday 16th March 2022
  • Thursday 12th May 2022
  • Tuesday 28th June 2022


The Minutes of the LSC meetings are available from the school office on request.

  Below is a list of current members and their main roles.‚Äč


Information about our Governors

James Reeve - Co-opted Governor - Chair

Committee Membership: Spiral Trust Education Committee

Current term of governance: 1.9.2015- 31.8.2023 (Governor since Autumn 2015)

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: Finance/H&S/Premises/CLA

Leanne Williams -  Headteacher

Pecuniary Interest - None

Joan Hooker 

Current term of governance: 1.9.21 - 31.8.23

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: English/Humanities

Dan Roughan - Staff Governor for Staff & TAs (maternity cover)

Current term of governance: 1.9.21 - 22.07.22

Pecuniary Interest - None

Clare Moroney

Current term of governance: 9.12.19 - 8.12.23

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: SEN/PPG

Lucy Eckley - Co-opted Governor

Current term of governance: 1.9.18 - 31.8.22

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: Safeguarding/GDPR

Lin Walkerdine - LSC Clerk 

Pecuniary Interest - None


Linda Crocker - Vice Chair

Current term of governance: 23.1.19 - 22.1.23

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: Maths/Science;  Finance/H&S/Premises (shadow)

Lindsey Punter -Associate Governor

Pecuniary Interest - None

Nicola Funnell - Associate Governor

Pecuniary Interest - None

Luke Harrison - Parent Governor

Current term of governance: 04.01.21 - 03.01.25

Pecuniary Interest - None

Link Governor Area: Remote Learning

Governors who have held office in the past 12 months:

Katie Holmes

Pecuniary Interest - None

Sarah Burbridge

Pecuniary Interest - None

How do I become a governor?

Vacancies for Governors do arise from time to time so if you would like to be considered, please contact the school office.


LSC Code of Conduct September 2021

Spiral Partnership Trust - Members and Directors

Governor Declaration of Interest

Governors Contact Form

Please use this form to contact our governors if you would like to.