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Year 5/6 - Abbey

Weekly Update (Week ending 11.10.19)


It has been a productive week in Abbey with the children writing some excellent non-chronological reports about their mythical creatures. I was particularly impressed by some of the ambitious vocabulary being used, as well as how children had tried to link their ideas together to ensure their writing flowed. Unfortunately, we still needed some reminding about capital letters and full stops though! In maths, the children have worked hard to tackle formal methods of calculation. We've enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit particularly early and creating some Christmas cards that we can't wait for you to see, once the PTA have sent them off to be printed.


I have attached a list of recommended texts for year 5 and 6 to the bottom of this page. As it states on the document, some of the texts include more mature themes and therefore it is recommended that your child selects a book with your guidance. Additionally, I have attached a document to support discussions about reading at home, which includes questions that you could ask your children when reading together. 


It was lovely to meet so many of you at parents consultations this week, I hope that you have a great weekend, 


Miss Abbott





Home Learning


Year 5 Spellings

  1. advice
  2. advise
  3. device
  4. devise
  5. licence
  6. license
  7. practice
  8. practise
  9. prophecy
  10. prophesy
  11. conscience
  12. conscious
  13. controversy
  14. convenience
  15. correspond


Year 6 Spellings

  1. referred
  2. reference
  3. referee
  4. transferred
  5. transference
  6. transferring
  7. preferred
  8. preference
  9. conferred
  10. conferring
  11. conscience
  12. conscious
  13. controversy
  14. convenience
  15. correspond

Next Week...

English - We will move on to a poetry unit of work, with a focus on using precise and appropriate vocabulary.


Maths - Year 5 will move on to look at methods for multiplication whilst year 6 continue their work on long division, before beginning to solving word problems.


Science - In Science, we will use our notes on Charles Darwin to write a biography about him.


Topic - We will be looking at UK geography and using atlases to find and name major major cities in each country of the UK.

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