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Year 5/6 - Abbey

Weekly Update (Week ending 06.12.19)


Abbey have been hard at work this week finding fractions of amounts during maths lessons as well as taking on the tricky challenge of adding and subtracting fractions. In English, the children have got to grips with punctuating speech correctly after a few reminders about using capital letters and full stops! The children enjoyed creating a no-bake chocolate cake using a wartime recipe (shown below) during topic this week and in science they found out how light can be reflected and began to make their own periscopes. The children had their last swimming lesson on Tuesday therefore no swimming kits will be needed anymore; they will have another PE lesson in place of this.


The Christmas carol concert is rapidly approaching - I have attached the lyrics to the various carols at the bottom of this page and would encourage the children to practise these at home where possible to ensure that we are sounding our best!


I hope that you have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Abbott


Home Learning


Year 5 Spellings

  1. chef
  2. chalet
  3. machine
  4. brochure
  5. quiche
  6. crochet
  7. parachute
  8. chandelier
  9. moustache
  10. chaperone
  11. harass
  12. hindrance
  13. identity
  14. immediate
  15. individual


Year 6 Spellings

  1. thoughtfully
  2. greedily
  3. comically
  4. mechanically
  5. excitedly
  6. grumpily
  7. frantically
  8. clumsily
  9. cheerfully
  10. nobly
  11. harass
  12. hindrance
  13. identity
  14. immediate
  15. individual

Next Week...

English - Next week we will be writing newspaper reports about the Holocaust.


Maths - We will explore negative numbers in maths next week.


Science - In Science, we will investigate how refraction changes the direction in which light travels.


Topic - We will find out about the role of women during the war and create our own propaganda posters.

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