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Year 5 - Aldenham

Please be assured that our daily updates are simply a suggestion and we do not want you to worry about whether everything is completed every day. We want the resources and ideas to be helpful and not a hindrance. The work can be completed at any time. Additionally, if your child finds any of the learning from home tasks too challenging, please feel free to take a look at another class page. At this unusual time, our main priority is that our children and families are happy and healthy.

Learning From Home

Our aim, during this difficult time is to keep children at MPL thinking hard, gaining knowledge and honing their skills. It is important to help them maintain a routine and retain positive mental and physical health. We must strive to provide a consistent, positive point of contact in what will be a very unsettling time for many children. Please check this page daily for new learning from home activities.

Please take a look at our wellbeing pages for useful links and information:


Useful links to supplementary online resources:

For a spot of lighthearted fun take a look at the I Will Survive video by MPL Staff

MPL staff reworking of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'.

Weekly Learning (8th July - 14th July 2020)

Hello everyone. One more week left to go until a well deserved summer holiday, how many of you will be indulging in a 'staycation' this year instead of jetting off abroad? Remember that you have your transition zooms today. Those going into Columbus will have theirs at 2.30pm and those going into Abbey will have theirs at 3pm. Our weekly zoom will have to be postponed to next Wednesday due to transition, but will be at the normal time of 2.30pm. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

This fortnight’s learning from home theme is ‘under the sea’. What do you know about our planet’s seas and oceans already? Once you’ve had a go at the suggested learning from home tasks below, are there any other under the sea themed activities that you can do at home? Get creative!


  • English – Selection of tasks including writing a letter explaining what super power you’d like to have, continuing a story, writing a monologue, answering questions based on an image and writing a descriptive paragraph using fronted adverbials. Some of these tasks have also got some useful website links attached to them to help aid the learning.
  • Maths – Use the following link to watch the videos about and then complete the tasks below: 
    • Task 1 – Regular and irregular polygons (Week 11 lesson 1 video)
    • Task 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes (Week 11 lesson 2 video)
    • Task 3 – Plotting points in the first quadrant
    • Task 4 – Reflection (Week 11 lesson 4 video)
    • Task 5 – Translation (Week 11 lesson 5 video)
  • Reading - For each of the texts, read them carefully then answer the questions.

Spelling – Watch the video on when we use ‘sc’ for the ‘s’ sound using the following link, then complete each of the tasks

  • TTRockstars - Please spend 15 minutes playing some of the games 
  • PE – Take a look at some of the PE game cards linked at the bottom of the page and give them a try this week.
  • Project - Over the next fortnight, continue the ‘Under the Sea’ project. Pick the different parts of the project you want to do – you don’t have to do them all!
  • PSHE/Purple Mash – This week, your new teacher has set you a task on Purple Mash to create a poster all about you. If you log in, you will see it has been set as a 2do for you. You can include pictures and drawings as well as write a bit of information about things you enjoy in and out of school, a bit about you and your family, your strengths and goals you’d like to set for yourself or anything else you’d like to share with your new teacher.

Contact your teacher

If you have a question about the learning, please use this form to contact your teacher(s). You will receive an email response within a few days.

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