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Year 3/4 - Harlequins

If any of the learning is too challenging, please feel free to look at an alternative year group's page. 

I Will Survive by MPL Staff

Take a look and enjoy the MPL staff reworking of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'.

Learning From Home

Our aim, during this difficult time is to keep children at MPL thinking hard, gaining knowledge and honing their skills. It is important to help them maintain a routine and retain positive mental and physical health. We must strive to provide a consistent, positive point of contact in what will be a very unsettling time for many children. Please check this page daily for new learning from home activities.













To log on to IXL your username is your full name followed by 208 (all lowercase) so mine would be lucylewis208

Your password is your initials followed by mpl, so mine would be llmpl

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Weekly Update 15.07.2020 – 17.07.2020


Hello all,

For the final 3 days, here are some fun and creative activities for you to do. You may wish to continue with them during the holidays too if you find yourself board with nothing else to do!


Here are your activities:


Weekly Update 08.07.2020 – 14.07.2020


Hello Harlequins,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Please remember that you have a new class zoom on Wednesday to meet your new teacher. Please see your emails for meeting details. 

Those of you going into Tigers will have yours at 2pm, Wednesday 8th July.

Those of you going into Aldenham will have yours at 3pm, Wednesday 8th July. 

We will not have a Harlequins zoom this week, instead, we will have a final goodbye zoom the following Wednesday...fancy dress!

I am so proud of you all. You have been working incredibly hard.


See you soon,

Miss Lewis




Here is the weekly update of suggested home learning (uploaded on a Tuesday night, ready for the Wednesday). This learning will last you up until and including next Tuesday.

This week our theme is: Animals


Below are the suggested learning from home tasks:


  • English Task 1 – There are lots of stories with animals. Retell a story you know well, with animals. Write as much as the story as you can.

Task 2 – Read through the email and correct the homophones.

Task 3 – Imagine you have morphed into your favourite animal. Write about a day in the life of this new animal version of you.

Task 4 – Write the correct plural of the words in the brackets. Use the ‘Rules of plurals’ sheet to remind you of the rules.

Task 5 – Create riddles of animals for people to guess.

  • Maths –
    Year 3- This week you will need to cast your minds to Year 2 when you did fractions.

Task 1- Identify what fraction of shapes are shaded.

Task 2 – match and make fractions.

Task 3 – Find ways of making a whole. E.g. ¼ and ¾ makes 1 whole.

Task 4 – Compare and order fractions.

Task 5 – Look at the wholes and part of the wholes and write a mixed number to show the amount e.g. 3 and ¼

Year 4- This week you will be reading scales to identify volume.

Task 1&2 – Read the scales on the jugs to identify how many millilitres of water they have. You will first need to work out the intervals the scales are going up in.

Task 3 – Colour the correct amount of liquid in each jug and write the amount in ml.

Task 4&5 – Solve word problems for volume. Remember to underline the important parts and use bar modelling to help you.

Reading – Selection of three reading comprehension tasks and reading your home reader. It is your choice which day you do each activity.

  • Spelling – See spelling document for the week
  • TTRockstars - Please spend 15 minutes playing some of the games 
  • PE – Take a look at the 'Get Kids Moving' YouTube channel for some Avengers, Harry Potter and Disney themed workouts.
  • Project - Over the next fortnight, have a go at the ‘Animals’ project. Pick the different parts of the project you want to do – you don’t have to do them all!
  • Climate Change – check out this website with lots of cool information about climate change:  Play a fun game, ordering foods according to their Co2 emission footprint: 

Contact your teacher

If you have a question about the learning, please use this form to contact your teacher(s). You will receive an email response within a few days.

Useful Links

The following websites are useful for maths revision and include games that promote mental fluency.


The following websites are useful for English revision:


The following websites are useful for physical and mindfulness activities:


The following websites are useful for reading and listening to stories:


The following websites are useful for at home experiences: (learn British Sign Language)


The following websites are useful for science learning: (new videos every Thursday)

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