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Year 2 - Woodside

Weekly Update (Week ending 29.11.19)


This week and last week in English we have been looking at parts of speech - specifically nouns, verbs and adjectives. We've been considering how to define them and how to edit and improve them in our writing. 


In maths we have continued to look at multiplication, using arrays to help us work out the calculations. Arrays are when pictures or symbols (we use dots) are arranged into rows and columns. In multiplication these help us when we can't use multilink or other manipulatives, as we can draw the groups instead.


We had another spelling test yesterday - well done to everyone who worked hard learning the spellings. Scores will be provided next week. 

Each week we write our score down, along with up to 3 spellings that we got wrong, before we put the paper in our book bag. Hopefully more of these are reaching home now!


Apologies that homework books have been inconsistent in being handed back! It slipped my mind two weeks ago and then they didn't go back last week as I was ill. We will get back into routine from here on.


A big congratulations to Ruby Barber who was our writer of the week. We were learning to predict answers about a given picture and Ruby worked hard to make some reasonable predictions independently.


Of course the calendar is currently dominated by the school nativity! Preparations are going well, with performances improving with each rehearsal. Currently the singing sounds wonderful, the acting could do with more work - please read your child's lines with them at home (and the lines that come before them so they know when to begin) so that there are no awkward silences on the big day!

If you read lines with them a good idea is to read them nice and far away from each other so they can practice using their 'performance voice' (loud and clear).


We have a new menu which I have attached below (sideways again - sorry!).  Please please please check that your child has something that they enjoy each day. If there is nothing that they will eat on the menu please send them with a packed lunch!


We also have new spellings attached below. 

Please try to revise these spellings with your child. Tests will be on Thursdays.


Thanks for all of your support,

Mr Howell


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