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Weekly Update (Week ending 18.10.19)


This week in Woodside we have continued to read 'Here Comes Mr Postmouse'. We have been writing letters to Mr Postmouse's Grandfather Percival (you can see Annabelle's excellent letter at the bottom of the page) and have also been learning to analyse the character of Grandfather Percival from his reply. We learned to write a recount after our fantastic visit from Falconry UK. I'm sure you have all been told countless interesting facts about birds of prey this week.


In maths we've started learning subtraction, thinking about the many different methods we can use to subtract. Today we thought about subtracting multiples of 10 and how we can think of the problem differently (we know that 7 - 2 = 5, so we must also know that 70 - 20 = 50).



We had another spelling test yesterday - well done to everyone who worked hard learning the spellings. Scores will be provided next week. 

Each week we write our score down, along with up to 3 spellings that we got wrong, before we put the paper in our book bag. In theory, it should be there when you get home!


Very sorry that I didn't get the home learning books back to the children today! I realise that many of you will use time over the weekend to do the home learning and I hope it doesn't inconvenience you too much! They will get them on Monday instead.


Leaves of the previous week are now announced in class on Monday mornings. Last week's Learning Leaf went to Madeline Goddard, who has been taking it upon herself to use resources that she finds helpful to support her maths. The resources are available in class and children are encouraged to use them when they need them. It's great to see Madeline acting independently to find solutions to calculations she finds tricky!

And of course a big congratulations to Annabelle who was our Writer of the Week for 

her lovely letter from Postmouse to his Grandad Percival.




Please remember that our library books get changed on a Thursday afternoon. If you are ready to change your book please make sure you have put it in the blue box in the classroom by then!



Mr Howell


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