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Weekly Update (Week ending 14.02.20)


Blink and you miss it, another half term down


In English this week we had opportunities to get lots of writing done. We retold the story of the Gingerbread Man, wrote a diary entry for Goldilocks and wrote a letter of apology from the wolf to the three little pigs. We also wrote an acrostic poem about arctic / Antarctic animals. We found this difficult at first, so today we watched an episode of frozen planet and wrote down all the words and sentences we could think of, before we wrote our ideas into a poem about polar bears or penguins.


In Maths we have spent the week focussing on 'bar models'. This is not an easy topic to master, but once understood it can really help to represent a word problem clearly. 


Here is the word problem from last week, along with a bar model representing the problem.





In phonics we have been learning the spellings of words ending in 'el' which make the 'l' sound (eg. camel, shovel, squirrel, tinsel). This spelling is less common than 'le' and used after 'm', 'n', 'r', 'v', 'w' and often after 's'


Kayla Atkinson earned our learning leaf this week. She has shown excellent teamwork in a number of activities, being kind to others and always happy to help! Well done Kayla!

Writer of the week this week goes to Skyla Sands. In her apology letter to the three little pigs the wolf explained that he didn't blow the house down - he actually tripped and knocked it over accidentally! He opening line of 'Dear Piggies, I'm so sorry I knocked your house down. I was, well how do I put it?...' made Mr Howell smile from ear to ear! Well done Skyla!


Over half term we have two challenges that children can take part in.

The first is to take a potato (of course) and make it look like your favourite book character! You can decorate it any way you want! When we come back after half term they will be displayed in the library and Mrs Quickenden will judge her favourites to win a prize!


The second is our 'Get Caught Reading' challenge. In this challenge we want children to find the most weird and wonderful place that they can think of to read a book, and to have a picture taken of them reading there! 


Thank you to those of you who signed up / downloaded Marvellous Me! I hope it is helping and you are enjoying hearing about our time in class!


Additionally, MPL now has its own twitter account - this is another great way to keep up to date with what is going on in school.



Our menu is still below (sideways again - sorry!).  Please check that your child has something that they enjoy each day. If there is nothing that they will eat on the menu please send them with a packed lunch!



Thanks for all of your support,

Have a wonderful half term,

Mr Howell



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