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Year 1/2 - Brackendene

Please be assured that our daily updates are simply a suggestion and we do not want you to worry about whether everything is completed every day. We want the resources and ideas to be helpful and not a hindrance. The work can be completed at any time. Additionally, if your child finds any of the learning from home tasks too challenging, please feel free to take a look at another class page. At this unusual time, our main priority is that our children and families are happy and healthy.

Learning From Home

Our aim, during this difficult time is to keep children at MPL thinking hard, gaining knowledge and honing their skills. It is important to help them maintain a routine and retain positive mental and physical health. We must strive to provide a consistent, positive point of contact in what will be a very unsettling time for many children. Please check this page daily for new learning from home activities.

KS1 Writing

For English tasks that are set for children to do at home please check this list to support your child with their learning. These are the key areas we have been working on this year.

Not every piece of writing will need them all.

In KS1 we use a green pen to represent capital letters and a red pen for full stops. Please feel free to continue this at home.

Year 1

Year 2

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Clear finger spaces
  • Correct letter sizes
  • Use of ‘and’ to extend sentences.


  • Everything on the Year 1 list
  • Question and exclamation marks used correctly.
  • Common exception words spelt correctly.
  • Use of some conjunctions such as because, so, or and if.
  • Some letter joining.


Useful Links to Online Resources


IXL - English and maths online tasks


Oak National Academy


BBC Bitesize


Complete PE home learning videos



Weekly Learning (2nd July - 8th July 2020)


Hello again everyone, this half term, we will be uploading a week’s worth of suggested learning from home activities at a time. This will usually be done on a Wednesday evening. 


I have sent out the Purple Mash log ins. Please let me know if any issues.

There are two tasks outlined in the instruction document attached for you to have a go at this week - get yourself logged in and customise your avatar, and have a go at the art activity I have set up as a 2Do.


This week’s learning from home theme is Superheroes! It will be a 1 week unit.


English - Tasks related to 'Playground rescue story'

You will see that we have now split the learning into Year 1 and Year 2. This is just a guide and please feel free to pitch the work at the level your child needs.

Reading Year 2 - Various 60 second reads

Reading Year 1 - Task sheet attached

Spellings Year 2 - contractions

Spellings Year 1 - 'ue' and 'ew'

Phonics - using the Department for Education videos each day. (Links on attached sheet)

Maths Year 1 - Number sequence

Maths Year 2 - (Summer Term Week 2 – w/c 27th April)

The year 2 maths will follow a set of online lessons. Here is the link for the week. Open ‘Summer Term Week 1’ and start with ‘Lesson 1 – find three quarters’. There are teaching videos for each day, which correspond with the daily worksheets.

PSHE - Special People

Art - follow the video on you tube to create a butterfly

P.E - This week is our virtual sports day! As disappointed as we are that we can’t have our normal sports day, we want to set you a challenge of 2 exercises. See how many you can do in a minute then send your results 



Step up instruction video -


Jumping Jacks instruction video -

Topic - various superhero activities - please feel free to select the activities you want to do, there is no expectation that you need to do them all!



Some superheroes have enhanced super senses. Create your own diagram showing the 5 senses humans can have.

Which animals have super senses? Read about some different animals with super senses here:

Can you find your own example of an animal with a super sense of smell/hearing/taste. Choose your own animal with a super sense to write a fact file about.



Design your own superhero vehicle/hide out remember to label all its special features.   

Can you build a model of your design with moving parts?

Make your own superhero costume. See the instructions for how to make a superhero jet pack or cuffs.   


Using a cardboard tube make your own superhero. Don’t forget to give them a cape and a mask. Invent and draw your own superhero what would their super power be?

Create your own comic story using your favourite or your new superhero.



Read the information about modern day heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawkins and Malala Yousafzai. How did these people help to change the world for the better? What qualities do they have that make them heroes? Choose one of them or someone else you think is a real life hero to write about.

Helping others

 During the last few months doctors, nurses and other members of the NHS have been called superheroes for helping people who have been unwell or needed to go to hospital. Look at the image of the superheroes bowing down to the hospital staff and choose some of the activities to complete.


Have a good week.

Contact your teacher

If you have a question about the learning, please use this form to contact your teacher(s). You will receive an email response within a few days.

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