Year 1 - Oakwood

Mount Pleasant Lane school is currently only open to the children of critical workers


All children who are not attending school should complete remote learning using Microsoft Teams.

A new updated overview of the week can be seen below with suggested times for each remote learning subject. Members of staff from within KS1 including ourselves will be hosting MS teams meetings at times specified on the news feed.


We hope you and your children have had a good week and adjusted well to the change to learning from home. 

We continue to think of you all during these difficult times and thank you in advance for your support with your child's remote learning.  Please contact us via the class email if you need help with any login details or work for your child. 


Oakwood staff are looking forward to seeing the children in school  and virtually and welcoming back all the class into school when this is possible.


Kind regards

Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Latimer 


Home learning time table

Microsoft Teams - Home Learning

The children have been allocated a home learning activity through Microsoft Teams for this weekend. You should have received a log-in for Microsoft Teams by the end of today (Friday 16th October). Please check that your log-in is working and support your child to complete the activity. Once completed, the activity should be submitted through Microsoft Teams, by Monday, for the teacher to see. This will enable us to test the Microsoft Teams system that will support our remote learning offer in the event of children having to self-isolate, closure of bubbles or a wider lockdown.

This week...

What a fantastic and busy last week of term. The children have really enjoyed watching the fantastic Wizard of Oz pantomime, sitting down to Christmas dinner together, creating their Christmas cards and decorations. They have all worked really hard this term and deserve a well earned rest. Thank you so much for all the lovely cards and gifts gifted to the staff of Oakwood you have been very generous.


English - This week we wrote about the Christmas story and wrote our Christmas card messages. We have also been practicing forming capital letters and lower case letters for every letter of the alphabet.  


In phonics we have been revising the phase 5 sounds and common exception words such as was, when, where.   


Maths -  In maths we ordered numbers to 20 and had our first attempt at solving addition and subtraction word problems. For example: The elves packed 10 presents on to Santa's sleigh 4 fell off. How many presents were left? 


If the children could continue to practice their reading regularly throughout the holidays that would be fantastic in maintaining the good progress they are making and support their fluency and confidence. 


Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas holidays. Looking forward to seeing the children in January and hearing all their holiday news. 


Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Latimer 

Next Term...


English - We will be writing about our Christmas holiday activities and looking at a new class chapter book. 


Maths - We will revise numbers to 20 and place value.


Science - We will begin to look at grouping and classifying animals.


Topic- Rumble in the Jungle!


Art- We will be exploring how we can create different textures to produce rainforest pictures and exploring pictures by Henri Matisse.


PE- Ball skills using our feet.


PSHE- Our unit of learning will focus on dreams and goals



Home Learning 

Home learning is set every Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday. 


Children have been set an assignment relating to PE on Microsoft teams. 


Spelling: Please can the children practise week 5's spellings from the attached list below. If children could write them into a sentence that would be great too. 


Purple Mash home learning tasks:  Please log in and complete the activity that has been set as a 2do. It would also be really helpful if you could support your child to log into purple mash by themselves as this will help them to do so during ICT lessons. 


Reading: Reading books were sent home on Wednesday please try to read a little everyday. 



Autumn 2 spelling list


Our class' outdoor PE day is Monday - children should come to school on a Monday in their PE kit. This half term we will be focusing on running and will be outside as much as the weather allows, so children should be dressed warmly, including wearing tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt. Gloves and a hat are permitted in the winter if needed.

Below are some useful links to websites you could use to support your children with their learning. 

Complete PE home learning videos 



Weekly Learning (9th July - 17th July 2020)


We have almost reached the end of term and this is the final week of online learning. After the summer holidays you will be starting back at school as Year 2. Mrs Tozer and I are so proud of how you have all adapted to the new way of learning over the past few months and kept yourself so busy with so many different activities during these unusual times. Here is some learning for the last week if you've still got the energy to keep going.

It has been a pleasure teaching you all in Oakwood and we wish you all a fantastic summer if we don't get a chance to see you before then.

We have sent out your Purple Mash log ins. Please let us know if you have any issues.

There are two tasks outlined in the instruction document attached for you to have a go at this week - get yourself logged in and customise your avatar, and have a go at the art activity I have set up as a 2Do.




English - Various tasks to just keep up your sentence writing skillls.

Reading - Task sheet attached

Spellings Year 2 -there, their and they're, too, to and two.

Spellings - common exception words

Phonics - using the Department for Education videos each day. (Links on attached sheet)

Maths  - Fractions

Art - - draw ice creams, milkshakes and lollys

or create a rainbow landscape

P.E - Sport sheet attached.

Topic - There are a few attached sheets for some creative tasks for you to complete.


Weekly Learning (1st - 7st July 2020)


 Hello Everyone, This week’s learning from home theme is Superheroes! It will be a 1 week unit. Do you have a favourite Superhero or a power you would love to have? Once you’ve had a go at the suggested learning from home tasks below, are there any other superhero themed activities that you can do at home? Get creative!


English - Tasks related to different Superheroes.

You will see that we have now split the learning into Year 1 and Year 2. This is just a guide and please feel free to pitch the work at the level your child needs.

Reading Year 1 - Task sheet attached

Spellings Year 1 – Spelling words with the ‘oo’ sound but not always with that spelling!

Phonics - using the Department for Education videos each day. (Links on attached sheet)

Maths Year 1 – Number sequences and addition.

PSHE – Our special people.

P.E – Virtual Sports Day

Topic - various superhero activities - please feel free to select the activities you want to do, there is no expectation that you need to do them all!

Purple Mash - make your avatar and check in to see any other tasks set. 


Superhero based learning

The project aims to provide you with opportunities based on themes from our story this week. Pick the different parts of the project you want to do – you don’t have to do them all!



Some superheroes have enhanced super senses. Create your own diagram showing the 5 senses humans can have.

Which animals have super senses? Read about some different animals with super senses here:

Can you find your own example of an animal with a super sense of smell/hearing/taste. Choose your own animal with a super sense to write a fact file about.



Design your own superhero vehicle/hide out remember to label all its special features.   

Can you build a model of your design with moving parts?

Make your own superhero costume. See the instructions for how to make a superhero jet pack or cuffs.   


Using a cardboard tube make your own superhero. Don’t forget to give them a cape and a mask. Invent and draw your own superhero what would their super power be?

Create your own comic story using your favourite or your new superhero.



Read the information about modern day heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawkins and Malala Yousafzai. How did these people help to change the world for the better? What qualities do they have that make them heroes? Choose one of them or someone else you think is a real life hero to write about.

Helping others

  •  During the last few months doctors, nurses and other members of the NHS have been called superheroes for helping people who have been unwell or needed to go to hospital. Look at the image of the superheroes bowing down to the hospital staff and choose some of the activities to complete.

Contact your teacher

If you have a question about the learning, please use this form to contact your teacher(s). You will receive an email response within a few days.