Vision & values

Mount Pleasant Lane Primary School


Our Vision:

At Mount Pleasant Lane Primary School we will instil in our pupils the confidence to embrace life and to encourage a love of learning. We offer a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which we teach and encourage all of our children to have high expectations, enabling them to achieve the very best outcomes from their own unique starting points.


We will help all our children to develop the necessary skills to become independent individuals in the wider community and active citizens of the future by providing an excellent education with experiences to encourage and promote positive attitudes; mutual respect; consideration of others; and high standards of behaviour.


We understand the importance of promoting children’s wellbeing and mental health at all times; so that they can grow into healthy and happy people who contribute positively to society.


Our Values:

We are kind

We care

We include others

We value friendship

We lead by example

We are respectful

We help others

We share

We understand equity

We are brave

We challenge ourselves

We get involved

We make new friends

We keep trying even when it feels hard

We make mistakes

We ask others for help



We are responsible

We are role models

We are honest

We think things through

We act safely

We look after things, each other & our school

We follow instructions


We are learners

We concentrate

We take risks

We grow

We always try our best

We take part

We are curious

We have high expectations