Sickness, Absence & Accidents

Medical History

It is essential that you provide the school with details of your child's medial history on the personal details form issued when your child enters the school. This should include any physical weakness or allergy, asthma, hearing or visual impairments, and any regular medication your child takes, which may impact on your child while they are at school. Minor accidents will be treated in school by qualified first aiders. If a child requires external medical attention, parents will be informed immediately. If parents are not immediately available, a child who has to go to hospital will always be accompanied by a member of staff.


It is your responsibility to make sure we have TWO up to date telephone numbers and addresses where you or an emergency contact can be contacted during the day.



Although we do like to see the best attendance possible, the welfare of other children and staff is an important factor to be considered. In cases of illness, you are asked to keep your child at home until they are fully recovered. If a child needs to be absent from school for any reason, parents should inform the school by telephone on the day, followed by an email when they return to school. If you fail to do this, the absence will not be authorsised. Persistent absence is taken very seriously and we may ask for medical evidence of on-going or repetitive absence due to illness.


Medical appointments

Where possible appointments should be made out of school time. If the appointment is within the school day, children will not be allowed to leave school unless collected by an adult who can show an appointment card or letter to the school office.



Absence during term time

Parents are informed well in advance of holiday dates and should take all annual holiday during school holidays. A family holiday will not be considered a reasonable reason to authorise an absence. Parents requesting permission for an authorised absence must do so in writing on the Application for Leave of Absence form, available on request from the school office or downloadable from the school policies section of the website.  Governors have agreed the policy not to approve absence for any reason, although all cases are considered on their own merit. Please be aware that we follow the HCC policy on absence and HCC will move to fine at a rate of £60 per child, per parent, per day for unauthorised absences of 15 or more sessions (each day is 2 sessions) in the period of two terms. For a family with two adults and two children, this is charged at £240 per day.