School Trips

Year 5 - Trip to France 2019

Year 6 PGL 2019

Marchants Hill Day 4 Part 2

Nearly there! The children have worked hard this afternoon to continue to challenge themselves despite being quite tired. Two groups supported each other through the sensory trail and faced fears on the abseiling tower. Whilst others let their inner pirate or musketeer free to show excellent fencing skills.

This evening they have worked as competitive teams to complete a photograph and video scavenger hunt complete with human pyramids and movie re-enactments! 

Year 6 PGL 2019

Marchants Hill Day 4 Part 1

What a fantastic morning we have had; from the heights and team work of Jacobs Ladder to the high energy competition of Aeroball and the strategy of fencing. The children have demonstrated great collaboration and enthusiasm. This afternoon we will rotate through some of these activities and add in abseiling and the sensory trail for some groups. We will end the day with a mystery whole group activity involving running, searching and iPads- whatever next!

Year 6 PGL 2019

Marchants Hill Day 3 Part 2

The children have enjoyed another afternoon of glorious sunshine. After lunch today we all went down to the lake to test our problem solving skills. After coming up with their own designs for their rafts; they put these plans into action. Four groups, 36 barrels and a lot of rope later, they put their creations to the test with varying degrees of success- for some less raft sailing more swimming opportunity!

After dinner, we made a repeat visit to the zip line for some extra fun.

This evening, the children are taking part in a group quiz before a well earned rest. 

Year 6 PGL 2019

Marchants Hill Day 3 Part 1

The children have participated in another fun packed morning that included facing the challenge of the Giant Swing.  I was amazed at how many of them reached the top. Well done also to so many who managed to abseil down the climbing tower.  Several groups have also enjoyed archery, a new skill for the vast majority.  This afternoon they will all be raft building and hoping that their vessels are seaworthy as they try them out on the lake.  Mrs Redwood has now arrived and she will keep you up to date with their progress.  I doubt it will be a dry one!!

Year 6 PGL 2019

Marchants Hill Day 2 Part 2

Another fun packed session this afternoon and energetic game of Capture the Flag this evening has resulted in some very happy but tired children. The sun has continued to shine and the weather looks set fair for tomorrow.

I have been so impressed with the children’s positive attitude and willingness to tackle new challenges, it has been a real pleasure spending time with them all this week.  Below are a few more photos for you to enjoy. 

Year 6 PGL May 2019

Marchants Hill Day 2 Part 1

What a great nights sleep we had! Everyone asleep by 12. Unfortunately Mr Funnell has a different tale to tell, but his disturbances were not of our making!! I’m sure he’ll fill you in on our return.


This morning, after a hearty breakfast, the children partipated in three activities: Low Wire, Zip Line and Climbing.  As you can see from the photographs everyone had a really good go and pushed themselves to achieve some excellent personal bests. The weather has been amazing and it’s been great to catch some rays when we have a little bit of free time.  We’ve made sure everyone has dolloped on the sunscreen and filled their water bottles regularly.


Here’s a few photos for you to take a look at.

Year 6 PGL May 2019

Marchants Hill Day 1

After a very busy first day hopefully the children will sleep well tonight!

On arrival this morning we set off on a long walk to build up an appetite for lunch. We then met our group leader, Jay, who has certainly kept us entertained and busy. After dinner (which was excellent) we trooped off into the woods to play Ambush. Everyone is currently getting ready for bed and we’re hoping for a quiet night!! 😂😂. Further instalments tomorrow.


Kingswood Day 3

After a brilliant night’s sleep everyone has woken refreshed and ready to tackle the morning activities before we head off on our journey home. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning so we’re all raring to go!

Last night we tackled the night walk to Beeston Hill, or Beeston Bump as it is called locally, a cliff-top hill which overlooks the sea and the village near Kingswood. At 207 feet (63m) high, it is the dominating feature of the local landscape. Everyone sensibly and carefully navigated the cliff top walk under the watchful eye of our Kingswood Leaders. The walk definitely contributed to a successful bedtime and lights out!! More news later.

The children have enjoyed an action packed day and hopefully will be ready for bed soon! They've spent the day participating in a number of activities, including, Bushcraft Fire Lighting, Zip Wire, Aeroball and Climbing. They have shown a real growth mindset, particularly when supporting each other as part of a team. It has been wonderful to see how many children have really challenged themselves to complete tricky tasks. We have also celebrated Kiana's 9th birthday today, everyone got a slice of her delicious cake that her parents kindly brought in for everyone.

Tonight we will be going on a night walk, exploring the local area. We have a busy morning tomorrow and plan to leave after lunch at 1.30pm. An update on ETA will be posted on the rolling banner on the website.

Kingswood Day 1

We arrived at Kingswood safely at around 3pm. The children were very well behaved on the journey here, several memebers of the public commented on their excellent behaviour. Since arriving we have had a tour of the centre and participated in our first activities, which included archery and Aeroball.

The children had fun and games making their beds. Hopefully they will spend plenty of time in them tonight!

We will update you tomorrow evening with our next Kingswood installment!