Photography during school events - Guidelines

Photography during school events


A few parents have asked for clarification regarding photographing/videoing school events.  Please see below the guidelines.


The restrictions we have put in place are necessary for reasons of safeguarding/ child protection and out of respect for the rights and privacy of parents who have withheld or withdrawn consent for their child being photographed and/or who might have concerns about the use of such images.


It is also the responsibility of the school to ensure that we are compliant with safeguarding requirements at all times and do not put at risk the safety of any vulnerable children. In addition, such events can involve all children throughout school, such that complying with the wishes of those parents who do not wish their child to be photographed is a complex and sensitive matter.


  • As an invited guest of the school ensure that you follow their requests as to when and where you can safely take photographs, and only of your own child. This will usually be at the end of an event and only in a particular area.
  • Ensure that any and all images taken at school events are exclusively for personal use and are not uploaded to the internet, posted on social networking sites or openly shared in other ways.
  • Refrain from taking further photographs and/or video if and when requested to do so by staff.


In order to minimise disturbance, wherever possible, the school will arrange for photographs of each child in costume to be made available to parents shortly after the event. 


Please note that the use of personal cameras, mobile phone cameras or other recording equipment is prohibited on school premises at all other times.