Phonics at MPL


At MPL we use the approved government scheme Phonics Bug which follows a letter and sounds approach to develop phonetical understanding and secure rapid progress. Children learn together through daily practice and application, initially learning to discriminate between different sounds (phonemes to be technical) and then increasingly being able to decide which letter combination to use to represent the sound, given the word and the position of the sound. 

As part of our phonics provision children can access Phonics Bug, a finely levelled, phonically based reading scheme, which ensures that each child can find a book at exactly the right level for them. Each child has a personalised homepage where they'll find the eBooks they've been allocated by the teacher and motivating rewards.  The online reading world ensures children can access independent reading resources anywhere at anytime.


Bug Club books are graded into colour-coded Book Band levels, and within each level there is a carefully planned progression of books. This fine progression gives children plenty of opportunity to develop their reading skills and master each fine step while moving through the reading programme.


In Year 1 in the summer term, children are required by the DfE to undertake a phonics screening test. This is completed 1-to-1 with their teacher and is a familiar activity for the children. If children were not to meet the required standard they would be required to re-take in Year 2 (statutory process from DfE).