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Weekly Update (Week ending 18-10-19)


This Week.....

We have learnt lots of new songs using gross motor movements and using beanbags to place on, under, over, in-between. We have made our own shakers and used our body to investigate slow, quick, loud and quiet sounds (loud being the favourite sounds)! We've continued to make arts and crafts with leaves and various other autumn items that we've found. The children have loved creating 'super power' bracelets sticking on autumn items or drawing designs with pens.


Next Week…

We will be reading 'pumpkin soup' and starting to think about rhyming words. We will be making 'silly soup' with objects that sound the same. We will also be mixing Hallowe'en potions and drawing a picture about our weekend. After half term the children will be expected to come into a specific directed activity (not just free choice) first thing in the morning for 'busy fingers'. We are going to start practicing this next week so children will need to find their group area (and stay there)! first thing in the morning. 


Supporting Your Child at Home

  • Play with rhyming words either sensible cat/hat/mat or silly Debs/webs/jebs/nebs. See how many you can come up with. 
  • Read with your children as much as possible, let them 'read' to you and talk about the story.
  • Try the 'coat trick' to see if children can start to put their coats on independently (coat on the floor, hood facing child, arms in the holes then over your head!) 
  • Look for numbers and letters in the environment e.g. on front doors, car number plates and road signs.
  • Start to see if children can recognise their name when it's written down (they now have their names on their morning register photos).



  • On Tuesday we have the nursery parent's meeting where I will talk through in a little more detail the ethos of MPL, what we do each day, what's expected of the children, how we monitor and assess progress and specifically our phonics programme. This will be in Hopscotch class at 11.15 until 11.45 - all the children will go into Reception for a story so they won't be in class. It's a great opportunity to ask any general questions that may have arisen since your child has started.
  • School photos (individual and siblings) are due to take place on Wednesday 23rd October. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kent, Mrs Pope and Mrs Tyler



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