Extra Curricular & Out of School Activities

Children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of voluntary school activities, these currently include netball and football which are provided by our sports coaches. Other clubs are run at the school but incur a small cost per child.


School Visits

Your child will have the opportunity to go on a number of visits whilst at the school. These may be local, to museums, parks or places of worship, or they may be further afield, such as the seaside. A yearly plan for these trips with their approximate costs is available in the curriculum section of the website. 


School Journey

It has become traditional for children in year 6 to enjoy a residential stay; the trip is a valued highlight of the children’s time at our School.


Governors’ Charging Policy

Parents are not asked to pay charges for such activities but a voluntary contribution is requested to cover the costs to the school. No child would ever be prevented from going on a non-residential visit due to non-payment. However, our resources are stretched to the limits to cover necessities. Should a significant number of parents not offer the suggested voluntary contribution, such activities inevitably would no longer be organised.