Beyond the Curriculum

Breakfast Club/ Time Out Club

Breakfast Club opens its doors at 7.50am every day to give children a great start to the school day combining fun and a healthy breakfast in a quiet and calm environment. After school childcare is offered until 6.00pm.

For more information contact Karen Chesterman on 07947 064239 or email


Clubs and activities

We organise a range of activities for children beyond normal school hours and we are adding new clubs all the time. For more information, look at the clubs page under the 'Children' tab on our website.


Parenting support and family learning

In addition to all the usual opportunities for parents to come into school to learn more about their child's education, from time to time we can offer formal parenting classes, run by partners such as Parentline Plus.

The Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service offers a range of free family learning courses (contact them on 01992 588756 or via the Children's Centre).


Adult learning

The Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service provides opportunities for you to improve your own education and keep up with your children (contact details above).


Referral to specialist services

Teachers frequently work in partnership with parents and other professionals such as speech therapists, behaviour support workers and counsellors. Professionals work together to share information about the whole child at an early stage of their experiencing diffiiculties to ensure your child gets the best possible support at school.