At MPL we want all our children to feel safe and happy. We expect good behaviour and good manners. We know all parents feel this is important too.  We regularly update our Behaviour Policy to ensure everyone in the MPL community understands our expectations. 


The majority of our children do follow the school rules and are praised for doing so. When the rules are not followed there are clear guidelines that support children to reach a resolution.


We have  a parents’ guide that explains how we encourage good behaviour choices and how we discourage inappropriate or poor behaviour choices.


All members of the school community are expected to follow the principles of our positive behaviour code, Honey’s Charter.


At MPL we recognise the value of parental support and a strong home/school partnership. To that end we have a Home School Agreement which sets out the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils, the responsibilities of the pupil’s parents and what the school expects of its pupils.  This is regularly signed by all concerned.