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Year 5/6 - Abbey

Welcome to Year 5/6


Our Teacher is Mr.Steenvoorden

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. McCarthy




Friday 13th September 2017


We have been working on writing a brochure for the Galapogos Islands, to tie in with our learning about Charles Darwin. The children wrote the brochure and planned it during the week as part of persuasive writing. Our grammar focus for the week has been the rather tricky grammar focus of semi colons and colons.


In maths we looked further at division and used the bar modelling method to help represent word problem questions.


Reader of the week is Mia Tisdall, well done Mia!


Have a great weekend. 


Mr Steenvoorden


Friday 6th October 2017


We have been learning about poetry and sequencing a story in English this week. We have been using an excellent clip called ‘The Piano’ to inspire the children’s writing – some of which has been incredibly emotive and a joy to read.


In maths we have been working on finishing off multiplication written methods and also multiples and factors. MyMaths appears to be working for all children now; we logged in together on Monday. I understand there are flash updates to MyMaths; using another web browser should do the trick if it's not working on Chrome. 


Thanks for all of the parent consultation slips returned – I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone.

Reader of the week is Max, well done Max!


Have a great weekend


Mr Steenvoorden



Friday 29th September 2017


We really are picking up full steam now – the start of the term feels a million years ago! We have worked hard continuing our work on numbers, looking at how we use the order of operations, decimal and negative numbers and preparing to start a whole new unit next week.


In English we have been working hard looking at apostrophe use for contractions (don’t, shouldn’t, won’t etc) and possession (the school’s computer was broken) and the homework will mirror this. We have also been writing the next episode of a story and editing and improving our planning of this episode.


Year 5 have homework on MyMaths this week – I really hope everyone has been able to log in but if not we will check again on Monday. I have some paper homework as an alternative if there’s a problem. 


Reader of the week is Jessica, well done Jessica!


Have a great weekend


Mr Steenvoorden


22nd September 2017

Another super busy week of learning completed! We have been learning some of the four operations this week, namely addition and subtraction, and testing our knowledge of place value to consolidate our learning last week. We have also written some more about the adventures of Mai-Ling, the dragon slayer. We are now going to be finishing off this unit with a non-chronological report about ogre slaying and we will continue with a big write finishing the story off.

We have also learnt about Judaism and developed our work on evolution and inheritance with an iPad research lesson discussing how animals adapt to their environment.

Next week we will continue our work on the above and also look to move onto division and multiplication and other problems in maths, whilst looking at the challenging world of apostrophes in English.

I have set MyMaths as maths homework this week - if there are any problems with logging in or with the website I have told the children to let me know on Monday and we can fix it in our computing suite lesson.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Steenvoorden 



Friday 15th September 2017


First full week done, and wow! What a lot of learning has been accomplished! We have looked at place value, ordering numbers and rounding in maths. In English we have learned about a heroic young girl called Mai-Ling who slayed a ferocious dragon and became a village elder.


We had swimming, gymnastics and Roald Dahl day too. Thank you for sending the children in their fantastic costumes, they looked brilliant!


The year 6 children worked hard on their practice SATs tests too; two more to go!


Readers of the week are Daisy and Scarlett, well done girls! 


Have a great weekend.


Mr Steenvoorden


Friday 8th September 2017


What a lovely week getting to know the children in Abbey. Everyone is focused and showing a great attitude to their learning. We’ve jumped straight in to learning and have already started learning about place value and getting our writing off to a grammatically accurate start.


Next week we have a SATs practice week, with both Year 5 and Year 6 being introduced to exam situations. Thank you for the holiday homework – I am still waiting for a few more to come in before I hand them all back. From listening to the children and reading the booklets it seems like everyone had an amazing summer break!


Swimming starts next Tuesday; if there are any letters outstanding please hand it to your child to give to me on Monday morning. I hope to see some of you at the curriculum meeting next week on Wednesday 13th too!


Full-blown homework will begin next week. For this weekend I would be grateful if the children could either provide a photo or draw a picture of a place that is special to them because of familial links, for example a place where their family live or originate from. The children have all been given a slip of paper with further details on it. If any of them for whatever reason don't have one I will be able to provide them with another slip on Monday.


Have a great weekend.


Mr Steenvoorden

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