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Year 2 - Woodside

Weekly Update (Week ending 22.3.19)



What a lovely time we all at Paradise Wildlife Park on Tuesday! The day started wet, but the drizzle had stopped by the time we arrived and the sun came out! The children enjoyed looking at the animals - ask them which they particularly enjoyed seeing. We went to a workshop called 'Fur, Feathers and Scales' where the children learnt about the different kinds of animal coverings and their properties. The children were able to identify the main groups of animals and knew whether they were cold or warm blooded. 

In English the children wrote a recount of their zoo visit and then looked at the features of non-fiction texts.

In Maths we finished our unit on division and recapping on reading questions carefully for example do we split into group of 5 or 5 equal groups.

In Topic we continued to look at the Rainbow Fish book to learn about emotions and feelings. We also built up our ocean pictures buy adding coral, shells and plants to our pictures.


Next week in Woodside



Our focus will turn to non-fiction texts with the ultimate aim (at the end of term) of writing a non-chronological report.  Our core text will be 'Find Out!  Sharks' by Sarah Fowler.  We will be on questions next week i.e. question words, the punctuation mark and creating questions based on a sentence.  



In maths we shall look at mass (weight) and being reading scales for Kg (kilograms) and g (grams).


Science and Topic

Our new topic is  'Commotion in the ocean'

In Science, we will focus on food chains.

We shall build up the sea pictures by adding animals and look at how plastic is killing our oceans.



Can you find a fact out about sharks to add to our topic wall and help with writing our non fiction texts.

Start feeling items at home and compare their mass by saying if items are heavier or lighter than each other.



Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

The new homework sheet came home this week. I shall upload a copy below.

Please continue to read daily and log this in your child's diary. We have started a silent reading session each day for 15 minutes which the children have enjoyed. They are welcome to bring in books from home to read. I have begun to hear the children read individually and commented in their diary when I have.


Carry on with Times Table Rockstars.

Spellings - The children all now have the same spellings which come from the government list of year 2 common exception words. I know some of these might seem too easy for your children, however they are not always being spelt right in their writing and so please help your children to learn these words and use them in a sentence.





Tuesday and Wednesdays 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Quickenden


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