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Year 2 - Woodside

Happy New  Year to you all.

The children have settled back into school and started the new term with lots of new learning.



Weekly Update (Week ending 11.1.19)

The children have settled back into school and have told me all about their Christmas holidays.

This week the children have been reviewing the different methods we have learnt for addition and subtraction. They have all agreed they need to make sure they read the calculation properly so they know whether they are carrying out an addition or subtraction calculation. We have started playing a game called 'beat the calculator' to sharpen up our mental maths skills and the children enjoyed trying to work out sums before the calculator.

In English we wrote down our new years resolutions and focussed on the difference between nouns and verbs. We have introduced red and green pens to the children to support them with their sentence construction. They use a green pen for the capital letter, and a red pen to end their sentence with a full stop, exclamation or question mark. We have also started a new self assessment tool for the children to mark their own work at the end of each lesson based on their effort and understanding. Ask your child to explain the 'RAG123' to  you.

We started our new topic 'Rumble in the jungle' which the children are very excited about. We have set up a topic table in class so the children are welcome to bring in items to share and add to this table. We read the story and discussed what we already know about jungles/rainforests. We looked at the famous painting titled 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm or Surprised!  by Henri Rousseau. 

We discussed what we liked and disliked about the painting. This painting can be found at The National Gallery in London so please feel free to go and see it for yourselves. 



Next week



Next week, we will be using the story 'The Tiger who came to tea' to build up ideas on writing our own version of a familiar tale.



In maths next week, we shall start a new topic on multiplication and also look at time.


Science and Topic

Our new topic is 'Rumble in the jungle'

In Science, we will continue to look at seasonal changes, observing the change in weather, and living things and their habitats.


In Topic, we will be looking at how we can change the tone of colours, especially green inline with the rainforest.  We will also look at locating different continents and oceans on a world map.



Children can begin to look at an atlas and learn the continents of the world.

To support the children in multiplication can the children  make sure they begin to learn their 2,5 and 10 times table and use Times Table Rock Stars.


Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

The new homework sheet was sent home on Friday. Homework books need to be handed in by Wednesday to be marked that week. The sheet is attached below.

Please continue to read daily and log this in your child's diary. We have started a silent reading session each day for 15 minutes which the children have enjoyed. They are welcome to bring in books from home to read. I have begun to hear the children read individually and commented in their diary when I have.

Carry on with Times Table Rockstar's. 




Tuesday and Thursday


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Quickenden


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