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Year 1/2 - Brackendene

Weekly Update (Week ending 22.3.19)

In Brackendene this week:

What a lovely time we all at Paradise Wildlife Park on Tuesday! The day started wet, but the drizzle had stopped by the time we arrived and the sun came out! The children enjoyed looking at the animals - ask them which they particularly enjoyed seeing. We went to a workshop called 'Fur, Feathers and Scales' where the children learnt about the different kinds of animal coverings and their properties. The children were able to identify the main groups of animals and knew whether they were cold or warm blooded. 

In English the children wrote a recount of their zoo visit and then looked at the features of non-fiction texts.  

In Maths, year 2 were using their knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to explore commutative law and showing arrays to match, then using these to solve word problems. Year 1 were adding by counting on in ones from the larger number, then adding two numbers by making 10 then adding on the remainder.

In Art the children used a range of materials to create the sea bed for their pictures - they added strips of sand paper, cut green paper to make seaweed then used coloured tissue to make rocks, seashells and coral.


Next week in Brackendene



The focus will be on non-fiction texts with the ultimate aim (by the end of term) of writing a non-chronological report. Our core text is 'Find Out! Sharks' by Sarah Fowler. We will be learning how to read sections of non-fiction text then be able to highlight relevant sections to respond to questions and start to create their own information about sharks.



In maths the year 2 children will be starting to understand division as grouping then as sharing and seeing the relationship with multiplication facts, while Year 1 will be continuing their learning about different addition strategies - adding on in ones, then move onto subtraction by counting back.


Science and Topic

Our topic is 'Commotion in the ocean'

In Science, we will be learning about habitats. While in art the children will continue their under water scene creating moving sea creatures.



Find some amazing facts about sharks!

Practice 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


Home Learning (to be handed in on Wednesday)

Please continue to read daily and log this in your child's diary. We have started a silent reading session each day for 15 minutes which the children have enjoyed. They are welcome to bring in books from home to read. I have begun to hear the children read individually and commented in their diary when I have.

The year 1 children have brought home more spellings to learn - they have been put into their Home Reading Diaries. The words are taken from the Year 1 Common Exception words list from the National Curriculum. The word lists are given on a Friday and tested the following Friday and the children have recorded their result from their first test in their Home Reading Diaries. The new Year 2 spellings are from the list of Common Exception Words from the National Curriculum and are expected to be able to spell correctly.


Carry on with Times Table Rockstars.





On Friday March 29th the children will be able to visit the Mothers Day Surprises Room organised by the PTA - please ensure that money brought into school is in a named purse or sealed envelope.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Webster-Smith


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