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Year 1/2 - Brackendene

Weekly Update (Week ending 11.1.19)

The children have settled back into school and have been talking about their Christmas holidays.

This week the children have been reviewing the different methods we have focused  subtraction - the year 1 children have been subtracting by drawing the number of objects and crossing out the number taken away. The Year 2 children have revised subtraction by counting back on a number line. 

In English we wrote our new years resolutions, what we are looking forward to this year and looked at the ending (suffixes) for past tense verbs. We have introduced red and green pens to the children to support them with their sentence punctuation. They use a green pen for the capital letter at the start of the sentence, and a red pen to end their sentence with a full stop, exclamation or question mark. We have also started a new self assessment tool for the children to mark their own work at the end of each lesson based on their effort and understanding. Ask your child to explain the 'RAG123' to  you.

We started our new topic 'Rumble in the jungle' which the children are very excited about. We have set up a topic table in class so the children are welcome to bring in items to share and add to this table. We read the poem and discussed what we already know about jungles/rainforests. We looked at the famous painting titled 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' or 'Surprised!  by Henri Rousseau. 

We discussed what we liked and disliked about the painting. This painting can be seen at The National Gallery in London so please feel free to go and see it for yourselves. There will be 5 mini merits awarded to children who go to see the painting and have their photo taken by the painting!



Next week



Next week, we will be using the story 'The Tiger who came to tea'by Judith Kerr to build up ideas on writing our own version of a familiar tale.



In maths next week, we will continue with using different strategies for subtraction and also look at measuring length.


Science and Topic

Our new topic is 'Rumble in the jungle'

In Science, we will be looking at living things  - recognising birds and reptiles.

In Geography, we will be noting what we already know about rainforests and what we would like to find out. In art we will be looking at how we can change the tone of colours, especially green, in line with the rainforest and the colours seen in Rousseau's painting.  



Children can begin to look at an atlas and learn the continents of the world.

 Begin to learn their 2,5 and 10 times table and use Times Table Rock Stars.


Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

The new home learning sheet was sent home on Friday. Home Learning books need to be handed in by Wednesday to be marked that week.

Please continue to read daily and log this in your child's diary. We have started a silent reading session each day for 15 minutes which the children have enjoyed. They are welcome to bring in books from home to read. I have begun to hear the children read individually and commented in their diary when I have.

Carry on with Times Table Rock Star's. 


Year 2 spelling tests

As I am not working on Thursdays, I will be changing the spelling test day to a Friday - so the children will have a week to learn the words. I will try to mark the tests the same day and the children will be given their new spellings. I have uploaded this week's spellings below.  



Tuesday and Wednesday


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Webster-Smith


Weekly Update (Week ending 21-12-18)

The children have had a very busy last week of term. We made Christingles ready for our visit to St. Luke's Church for a lovely service thinking about Christmas.

In English the children wrote clear instructions to make a Christingle. 

The year 2 children in Maths continued adding where the ones needed renaming - this time adding two 2-digit numbers. The year 1 children used their knowledge of addition pairs for 10 when adding 9 + 7 = (knowing that they need to take from from the 7 to make the 9 up to 10 and adding the rest (10+6=16)

In Science we reviewed our 'An Apple a Day (keeping healthy)' topic recording what we now know about the ways we can keep ourselves healthy.

The History part of our topic was to learn about the changes that Florence Nightingale made at the hospital in Scutari during the Crimean War.


Next term ...



We will be using the story 'The Tiger who came to tea' as the basis for our work.



Year 2 children will begin to use the column method when subtracting. Year 1 children will also focus on subtraction as taking away, as well as beginning to use a number line to count back.



We will be learning about the different groups that animals can be divided into as well as finding out about their habitats, diet and young.



Our first topic in the Spring term is 'Rumble in the Jungle' - learning about the tropical rainforests of the world.



Find out what and where the Equator is 



There is no homework for the Christmas holidays - children can continue using Times Tables Rock Stars and reading daily.


Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, gifts and cards. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Merry Christmas


Mrs Webster-Smith


Weekly Update (Week ending 14.12.18)

This week the children did so well in the Key Stage 1 Christmas Play - 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'! they sang the songs with enthusiasm and the narrators spoke clearly and confidently. Well done to all of them!

In English we have looked at the story version of 'The Snowman' which was illustrated by Raymond Briggs. The children looked at different pictures from the story and used adjectives to describe how the little boy (James) was feeling at that point. Then the children imagined that they were James and wrote a letter to The Snowman thanking him for a wonderful time, describing what they had enjoyed the most and how sad they were to find that the Snowman had disappeared the next morning. 

In Maths - year 2 have used the column method  for adding a 1-digit number to  2-digit number needing to rename the tens (carry a ten over to the tens column). While the year 1 children have been using coloured cubes and tens frames to find the addition pairs for 10.

In History we have looked at events in the life of Florence Nightingale and the children completed a pictorial timelime for her.

Next week ……...



Next week, we will be making a Christingle - our English will focus on writing clear instructions for making one.



In maths next week, Year 2 will be adding two 2-digit numbers using the column method. This will involve renaming the ones (carrying a ten over to the tens column). While Year 1 will be using their knowledge of addition pairs for 10 when adding two numbers.


Science and Topic

In Science, we will be reviewing our learning for this term.


In Topic, the children will be making their own Christingle and learning why they are made and what each section represents. We will also talk about places of worship and how to act when visiting one in preparation for our visit on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help walk the children to the church and back. We shall be leaving at 9.30 for a 10am start. It finishes at 11 and we should be back in school by 11.30.



Children are to bring in their orange on Monday. Can they find out what the orange represents?

Can you ask your child to show you how to carry out 34 +6 in the column method?


Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

Homework books to be returned by Wednesday so that I can award certificates to children who have completed all their tasks this term.


Spellings – I shall test the Year 2 children on the past 5 weeks worth of spellings which I have attached below.




Tuesday and Wednesday


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Webster Smith

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