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Year 1 - Oakwood

Weekly Update (Week ending 22.3.19)

In Oakwood this week:   

I hope you all enjoyed our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park on Tuesday.  We saw lots of animals, enjoyed (or ducked!) as different owls and hawks swooped past our heads during the bird show and learnt lots during the Fur, Feathers and Scales workshop.  Thank you so much to the volunteers and staff who were able to come.  

In English, we moved onto non-fiction texts and tackled writing questions which link to an answer, creating our own questions and having a question and finding key words and phrases to answer that question.  We also wrote a recount of our trip.  


In Maths, we learnt to describe and continue patterns.  We then moved onto height and length.  We compared the heights or lengths of two objects (using taller, longer or shorter) then compared 3 objects (to use tallest, longest or shortest).  We then measured objects using a 'unit of measure' ie multilink cubes.  We estimated the length of an object before measuring it and recorded all this information.  

In Science and Topic, we started our ocean picture by sponging the background blue and learnt about habitats: the natural environment of living things.  


Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Au-Yeong 

Next week ……...



We will look more closely at the features of report texts and to convey facts in our writing rather than feelings.  We will also link back to our previous Maths work by writing sentences comparing two (or more) things.    



 We will measure bigger objects using our feet or hands as a unit of measure (whilst considering whether that's actually a good way!) then measuring with rulers.  We will then move onto looking at numbers to 40.   

Science and Topic

We will carry on working on our underwater pictures while looking at the animals and plants you might find in the ocean.  



 Look around your home for things to measure.  Choose a unit of measure which are all the same size and shape (like paper clips).  Estimate the length then measure!  Could you also bring in newspaper to line our tables for art work?  Thank you!


Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

A new set of 5 words came home today.  Please remember to model their use in sentences then challenge your child to use that word in their own sentence.  If writing sentences as part of their Home Learning, please remind them to start sentences with a capital letter and end with an appropriate punctuation mark.  


Please listen to your child read daily and note this in their reading diary.  Share a passage from your favourite book and discuss tricky vocabulary and what might happen next.  

Mathletics: Practice number sequencing, addition and subtraction within 20.  



Tuesday:  Please consider getting your child a long sleeve top (without a hood) and tracksuit bottoms for their PE kit as sessions are outdoors and it can be chilly in just a t-shirt and shorts.  Please also consider putting socks in your child's PE kit if they normally wear tights.  


Home reading books will be changed on Tuesday.  Pupils will be reminded to hand in their home reading books on that day; they must remember to take their books out of their bags!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend, 

Miss Au-Yeong

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