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We hold regular, termly, parent forum meetings. These meetings are very useful for us and have helped us to continue in our work to improve our school. ​I hope that as many parents as possible will attend the parent forums, as we are committed to using this opportunity to hear from you and act on your views. John Dibdin​​ (Head Teacher)


Our next Parent Forum is: ​
Autumn Term 2017: TBC @ 9.00am​ & 7pm

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask about MPL joining the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) please email and quote MAT Questions in the subject window. The governing body will be represented at both meetings, as will a representative of the Spiral MAT.​

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the parents' forum in February:

Actions and follow-up from Parents’ Forum (22nd Feb):

There were several interesting discussions and quite a bit of practical follow-up has been possible. 

1. Following discussion regarding communications, various improvements will be introduced. 

These include: ​

  • ​​Introduction of a new website that will ‘go live’ this term and should improve communication generally(watch this space)

  • Links to Mathletics will be made directly from the new website

  • Inclusion of a public ‘live’ calendar on the new website for major school events will be included in the new site

  • I have asked teaching staff to ensure that information about events and trips is sent out in a more timely manner 

2. Following a query about the range and breadth of activities available for children at playtimes, I was able to inform parents about what these currently are:


  • KS1 includes: Dressing up; lego; small toys (dinosaurs etc.); toy cars; dolls; skipping ropes; block stilts; gardening in the raised beds; tree-climbing on designated trees as well as football and the climbing equipment and access to the school’s treehouse on the field, when weather and rotas permit

  • KS2 includes: Giant Connect 4; badminton/tennis nets, raquets, balls etc.; stilts; scoop-ball; basketball; football; gymnastics (on the safety surface); tree climbing on designated trees; ‘sticks’ (using a collection of large sticks etc. to build shelters and other structures); access to the school’s treehouse (weather and rota permitting); football (on a weekly rota) 

3. Parents’ consultation evenings were discussed as these were felt to be more useful than the written reports. This is now the subject of a review with senior staff and governors to possibly adjust for next year 


4. Music was discussed as it was felt that the school could provide further opportunities: 

  • Encourage boys to get involved in the choir/Glee Club (this has now been done by Mrs Harris and a number of boys are now attending)

  • It was explained why we have the fife lessons in Year 3 – this is paid for by the school and ensures that all 7-year-olds begin learning an instrument and historically, we have found that this has greatly increased the uptake of woodwind instruments in following years. Year 3 is considered to be the best age group to apply this strategy to, as it allows plenty of time for uptake in the rest of KS2, but ensures that the children are ready to start learning 

5. Governors: how can parents understand more about the role of governors? 

  • ​Governors currently attend all major school events and regularly help voluntarily on trips etc.

  • Governors co-host the parents’ forum and hear directly from parents who attend

  • Parents are represented on the governing body through the democratic process of governor elections

  • Governors have a direct email address:

  • Governors will continue to review and improve this area 6. Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) – where does the school stand on this subject?

  • The governors and I have done a considerable amount of work over the last year to investigate whether the process of joining a MAT would be in the school’s interests and, if so, which would be the best approach to take – a number of options have been explored and there will be consultation with parents later this term. This subject will form the agenda for the next parents’ forum 7. Following a suggestion, the school will introduce a more comprehensive listing for after-school/lunchtime clubs etc. in order to give parents more information, but also to celebrate the breadth and richness of what is already offered 

The above list is not exhaustive, as we covered a great deal of issues, but it gives a good flavour of the discussions and the impact​​​​


If you would like to comment on any of the above and are/were unable to attend, please email the school office: and your contribution will be passed on.




June 2017

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Nov 2016

We  had very productive discussions around keeping children safe on social media, which included the presentation (below in .pdf format).  I would recommend looking through the presentation, and particularly focusing on the two Youtube clips.

 In addition, I mentioned a very good 'blocking' app that we use in our family to keep some control of the online experiences that our kids have.  We find it very good, although I'm sure there are others similar apps.  It's called Our Pact and the link is:

Things children do online.pdf

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