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Hopscotch Week Ahead – Week Beginning 21st January 2019


· Sound of the Week – ‘S’. Please help you child to find an object or photo starting with the sound ‘S’ i.e. Sausage, sand, stamp, sock, soap etc.


  • Wednesday—indoor P.E. We will be asking the children to change into tee-shirts and shorts/joggers next week. P.E will be led by Mr Willis (sports coach), in the school hall.


· Book Focus next week – We’re going on a bear hunt. We will be making binoculars, please could you bring in some kitchen roll tubes. Thank you.


· Home Learning : (Optional)


- Draw a picture of your favourite bear

- Find out 3 facts about real life bears that you can share with the class


· Parent Drop In – Thursday 31st January

3.30pm to 5.00pm.

You are welcome to pop into class. We will have a selection of activities and the children’s learning journals out for you and your child to enjoy sharing together.


Thank you.


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Armitt, Mrs Roberson


Role Play Area - This week our role play area has transformed into a market stall.    When you are out at the shops or market talk to your children about the groceries for sale. What does the shop/market stall sell?   How much do bananas, apples, pears cost?  


At home you might like to play ‘shops’.   Find some objects (toys, fruit, and shoes) etc. and write a label for the items for sale.   Pretend to be the shop keeper and your children have some 1p coins to buy something from your shops.    Keep the prices low i.e. up to 10p/20p.   Help your child to count out the coins.  Do they have enough pennies?  How many more pennies do they need?


Please find below a link to Topmarks, a website that has lots of fun activities to support our work on counting out amounts.  


Mark Making - The children have been drawing their holiday pictures (mark making).   Mark making is an important pre-writing skill.  ’ Children of all ages make marks to explore textures, feelings, to express themselves and make sense of the world, before and alongside using symbols to convey and represent messages.’  Please look at the link below to find out more about the importance of mark making in the early years.'s%20essentials/PFS03-mark-making.pdf 


Gymnastics – P.E.    This week the children joined Mr Willis (sports coach), myself, Mrs Pope and Mrs Denham, for a P.E. lesson.   The children thoroughly enjoyed find different ways to travel around the apparatus (wooden bench) and on the apparatus.    The children were brilliant at dressing and undressing themselves independently (just socks/tights and shoes). Next week we will repeat this and only ask the children to take off their socks and shoes. 


The following week we will try completing changing into tee-shirt and shorts (Wednesday 24th January).  Please make sure the children have a spare P.E. kit (tee-shirt and shorts) by Wednesday 24th January, thank you.   


Week Beginning 14 January


Book Focus - We will continue to explore the story ‘One Snowy Night’ by Nick Butterworth.  We will be talking about the characters, what happened in the beginning, middle and the end of the story.


Topic Focus - winter

We will be thinking about winter and asking the children what they know about winter.    We will be exploring ice. What happens to ice? When do we see ice?  What is ice used for?


Phonics – Sound of the Week – ‘A’ for apple, ant, astronaut, arrow etc.  Please help your child to bring in an object or photo of an object starting with the sound ‘a’.   Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson

Happy New Year!


We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and our best wishes for the New Year!


Magic Moments - Please send in some photos of your activities over the Christmas holiday.  We will encourage the children to share their holiday news with their class.


Phonics - We will be starting 'sound of the week', this week.   Each week we will focus on one sound.  This week the sound will be 'm' for: mouse, mole, music, man, monkey, milk etc.  Please help your child to find an object beginning with the phoneme (sound) 'm' and bring into class next week.


P.E - Wednesday morning is our P.E. slot with our sports instructor (9:15-10:15).     Please ensure your child has a pair of shorts and a tee shirt in their bag (any colour), Thank you!


We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 8th January 2019.  Thank you once again for your gifts and cards.


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson

Thank you kindly for all our lovely cards and gifts, with love from all the staff in Hopscotch Class


Weekly Update (Week ending 21.12.18)


The children have really made us proud this week performing 'Wriggly Nativity' to the whole school, and twice to family members. I hope you enjoyed watching the final show as much as we did! It’s been wonderful to watch the children really grow in confidence – we definitely have a few future stars amongst them! 


Next term…

Our topic will be ‘winter’. Activities will be based around ‘One Snowy Night’ by Nick Butterworth. We will do ice investigations, discuss the arctic (habitat and animals) and winter clothing. If it snows this will create a whole range of outdoor learning activities including letter formation in the snow, melting, snow sculpture, footprint patterns…the list is endless, so fingers crossed for snow.


Supporting Your Child at Home

Please continue to share stories with your children each day.   Ask the children to suggest what the characters may be thinking about.   After Christmas the children will be having a P.E. Lesson on a Wednesday morning. Please encourage your children to dress and undress independently.    


Thank you you once again for your generous gifts.   Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and see you in the New Year.   


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Robertson. 






Weekly Update (Week ending 14.12.18)

The children have continued to work hard this week to practise the songs for our 'Wriggly Nativity' and they are very excited about the up-coming performance next week!

We have been reading the book, Stick Man by Julia Donaldson this week and the children have taken part in a variety of related activities.

Our role-play area has been transformed into Santa's Workshop and the children have enjoyed dressing up as Santa, elves and reindeer. They have used their fine motor skills to cut ribbon, wrap presents and have practiced their pre-writing skills by mark making on labels and cards.


Next week ……...


The children will be making Christingles using the oranges that they are bringing to school on Monday. We will be talking about what each part of the Christingle represents and the importance to people who follow the Christian faith. On Wednesday Kylie Hodges - vicar at St Lukes Church, will come into Hopscotch Class and read the Nativity story.    


We hope you will all be able to attend one of our performances of 'Wriggly Nativity' next week. All children are in both the Tuesday and Wednesday performance. We will aim to start at 9:15.

Supporting Your Child at Home

Please continue to support your child's love of stories  by sharing a book with them every day. Books introduce the children to the exciting world of stories and help them to learn to express their own thoughts and emotions. /3-5/milestones   


Support your children's number recognition by looking at numbers in their environment and their counting skills by counting as they walk upstairs, counting the items of shopping in your basket etc.   



After Christmas the children will be having a P.E. lesson with our sport's coach.    This will be on a Wednesday morning.   

Please can you make sure your child has a pair of shorts and a tee shirt  (any colour) in their bags ready for their P.E. lesson

Encourage your children to dress and undress by themselves, including putting socks and shoes on by themselves.  Thank you.


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, (Mrs Robertson Thursday and Mrs Armitt Friday)

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