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Welcome to Nursery


Our Teacher is Mrs. May

 Our Nursery Nurse is Mrs. Pope & our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Clarke

Tuesday 12 December

Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for our Christmas Hampers, we were all super excited.   The chocolates are really delicious (whoops) not quite Christmas yet!  

A few bullet points for the next few days:

  • Tomorrow (Wednesday 13th) - Christmas Jumper Day.  Its ok if you do not have a Christmas jumper, your child could wear a red or green jumper for example.
  • Thursday (Panto day)...oh yes it is!   This has to be a favourite event for us all, its such fun!    Normal starting time into Nursery.  Pick up time is 1.15 from Hopscotch classroom (normal door).
  • Friday (Christmas Surprises Room) - This is organised by the Parents Association.   If you wish for your child to buy a present or two then please could you put some money in a named envelope (or purse), thank you.   Amounts up to £5, your discretion how much you wish your child to spend.
  • Monday 18th (next week) - EYFS Nativity (1st performance) 9.14 - 9.45  - a wonderful production.  It is a popular event, with both parents, grandparents and other family members possibly attending,  please bear in mind space is limited.  Hopscotch class will be sitting in front of the stage and will be singing.   Leapfrogs and Jumping Jacks will be acting and singing.  Pick up is at normal time (11.45am)
  • Tuesday 19th (last morning of term) - EYFS Nativity (2nd performance) 9.15 - 9.45 - you may pick your child up after the performance (about 9.50am) from Hopscotch classroom door.
  • Nativity Clothes - Hopscotch class to arrive in class in their party clothes please. (Mon 18th & Tues 19th)
  • Collection Box -  A collection box will be available should you wish to bring in some loose change and make donations to charities of the schools choice





Book Week – Last week our book of the week was ‘The Little Red Hen’.  We talked about working as a team, being kind and helpful.    

Bread Rolls - We hope you have enjoyed the bread rolls that the children made last week. They loved making the bread and hope it has inspired you to give it a go at home too! 


Next week is road safety week so on Friday the children can come in dressed up for the Be Bright, Be Seen day.


See you all tomorrow


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson


13 November

We hope you have all enjoyed the 'Book at Bedtime' week.  Mrs Clarke tells me that the Book at Bedtime event on Wednesday was very busy.   I hope you enjoyed listening to all of the different stories, alongside enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.


Our story for the week was 'Owl Babies'.   The children have been busy mark making owl pictures using chalks, rolling out air dough to create owls and talking about the structure of a story: beginning, middle and end.   

This Week

Our book for the week will be: Little Red Hen which will help us think about working as a team and being a good friend.  The children will be making bread rolls and mark making the story of Little Red Hen.


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow (I missed you all last week)


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Armitt



5 Nov 2017

Reflection from week beginning 30 October

Last week the children looked at the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The Children had the opportunity to:

1. Taste porridge (a very popular activity)

2. Create bear paintings (we squirted some paint onto black paper then used a fork to drag the paint across the paper. We added wobbly eyes and then decided if our picture was Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear or Baby Bear.)

3. Acted out the story in the role play cottage

4. Mix porridge oats and water in the water tray

On Friday we watched a ‘Woolly and Tig’ story about fireworks and created firework pictures using straws and paint.

Learning Journey – If you have received an email asking you to participate in the ‘2 build a profile’ system, please click to confirm – you can then receive your child’s learning journey via email. If you have any problem receiving the emails please let us know and we can check the email address for you.

This Week - Week Beginning 6th November 2017 - Book Week

  1. Your child has brought home some book at bedtime cheques. Please fill these in daily and bring them back to school. The cheques are put into a lucky dip next Friday. One lucky child will win a prize! This is a great opportunity to share a story each day/evening with your children.
  2. Wednesday its ‘Book at Bedtime’, (6pm – 8pm) Please come along and hear a selection of stories read by a different members of staff. It truly is a wonderful evening.

It is ‘Book Week’; please could you take a photo of your child reading their favourite book. We will be putting these photos on display.

Book of the week will be ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. Activities will be based around this story.


Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson

 24th October 


Last week was all about Diwali. We learnt about how people celebrate Diwali and we have made our own Diva lamps out of clay.  We made Rangoli patterns and Mehndi patterns using paint and crayons. Mrs Clarke and Mrs Pope have been very busy assembling ‘all about me’ posters, which are absolutely fantastic.   Please feel free to pop into class to have a look.  The frames have your children’s magic moment pictures and self portrait paintings attached.   We aim to add more photos to show your children ‘learning through play’ too. Please feel free to bring some photos in of your half term activities and we will share these with the class.   

Have a great half term 

Hopscotch Team xx

15 October


Autumn Walk: some of the children went on an autumn walk and looked for signs of autumn and to see what plants, animals and other things we can find. The children found a hole in a tree and suggested it was a home for a rabbit.

Vets Role Play: The children have had the opportunity to explore the vet’s role play area. Animals have been bandaged, offered pretend medicine and patients offered appointments.

Literacy: The children were introduced to the story ‘Leaf Man’. Some children went outside and created leaf man pictures

Individual Photos: I hear that the children posed beautifully for their photos.

Disco: I hope your children had a great time at the disco; we look forward to hearing all about this and your weekend news tomorrow.

This Week

Diwali - We will be learning all about – the Hindu festival of Light.

All About Us’ pamphlet – We look forward to sharing the photos of your children and family within our key group time.

Welly Walk Wednesday – We will be going on a listening walk. I wonder what sounds you hear on the way to school.

Parent Consultations – I look forward to meeting you either on Tuesday or Thursday to discuss your children’s learning thus far.

See you tomorrow

Mrs May, Mrs Pope and Mrs Clarke (Mrs Robertson on Wednesday/Mrs Armitt on Friday)

Hi Everyone

Hope you have all had a great weekend, the weather was glorious today.     

Reflection:  Thank you to all the parents who donated cakes and later came and bought some.  The money raised goes towards resources for the children in EYFS.    The children are continuing to make great progress settling into the nursery routines.   This week they have enjoyed listening to the story 'Leaf Man' an autumnal story of the journey of 'leaf man' as he is blown by the wind across beautiful countryside.    Welly Walk Wednesday  - the children were very enthusiastic collecting leaves and conkers on our autumn walk.    We also explored the tree house in the Junior field.    


This Week: 

Monday starts off with sharing our weekend new in key groups.  Please talk to your children about what they have been doing over the weekend so they are prepared to talk to their group about this tomorrow morning.

Tuesday - Mental Health Awareness Day is Tuesday - We will be thinking about different emotions through the stories: Leaf man', Stick Man, 'How are you feeling today' and 'Big Bag of Worries'.    We have planned practical activities to  help the children to think about the different emotions they may feel.    

Wednesday - Welly Walk day - we will be reading Leaf Man and/or Stick Man, then going on a leaf/stick hunt to create leaf man/stick man/family pictures.   Our welly walk day is very popular with the children and encourages them to use their senses to explore the world around them.    

Thursday - school photographer in to take photos of the children.

Friday - Toast day!! another favourite with the children and EYFS/KS1 Disco


Our Role Play area is changing to a 'Vets', if you have any shoe boxes spare, we would be grateful, thank you in advance.


See you all tomorrow

Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Clarke







Hi Everyone

Reflection from last week:  the children have enjoyed hearing the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell.  We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and learnt a new song called 'I Once saw an Elephant' .   Welly Walk Wednesday was unable to happen as not all the children had their welly boots.  Please could you make sure your children bring in their boots this week.  Thank you.


This week: We have had a request from the children to read 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson.  We will be focussing activities based on this story alongside creating collage animals for the Dear Zoo story.


Phonics Meeting this Thursday:  we look forward to meeting you on Thursday to explain phase one phonics.  Time 11:15 - 11:45. 


Thank you


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson

Reflection from last week: We are very pleased with how the children have settled into the nursery routine. The children are beginning to explore more areas of the classroom and outdoor environment. A few children last week choose to come to the mark making table and draw their family. Others have been exploring the tools available for example, the staplers, sellotape and hole punches.

Key Groups: We have started to split the children into three key groups, led by myself, Mrs Pope (Mrs Armitt on Fridays) and Mrs Clarke. This is giving both the children and staff opportunity to learn more about each other.

Friday Toast has been popular, Mrs Armitt telling us that she is impressed with how independent the children are spreading their own toast and washing up their dishes.

Coats: Please make sure your child has a waterproof coat as we will be exploring the outdoor environment come rain or shine!!

Welly Walk Wednesdays: On Wednesdays we aim to take our learning outdoors, exploring the grounds. This Wednesday we will be going on an Autumn Walk.

Phonics Meeting: A reminder that the phonics session this Thursday is cancelled and has been rescheduled for Thurs 5th Oct at 11:15 – 11:45.

This Week: We will be asking the children to paint their self-portraits, use a selection of material to make a collage of their faces and decorate biscuits in the shape of a face.

See you all tomorrow

Mrs Pope, Mrs May, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Armitt

Welcome to Hopscotch Class! has been very exciting to meet you all this week. The children have been exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment including: the home corner role play area, construction area (farm animals and train track), play dough table, painting area, dinosaurs in the tuff tray, tap a shape, the collage table – (indoors) and outdoors -the mud kitchen and sand pit, they have explored the bikes and trikes, meeting children from reception classes and lots more fun ‘play-based’ learning experiences. We are all pleasantly surprised and proud of how quickly the children are settling into the Early Years routine.


Friday Toast – Although new to the setting it’s amazing how many children have joined us at the toast table, confidently spreading butter, jam, lemon curd or marmite onto their toast. Some children even managed second helpings. The children happily cleared their plates and washed them up. Not only have the children eaten toast this week, they have also been tucking into fruit (apples, bananas and carrots this week). We will be encouraging the children to drink their milk too, next week.


Magic Moments: Thank you for bringing in the ‘Magic Moments’ (photos of your children’s holiday adventures), these are now on display in the classroom. Also I have displayed photos from the children’s first week in school.


Key Groups: Next week we will introduce the children to their new key groups. Each key group will meet up each day for a short period of time, with either: Mrs. May, Mrs. Pope (Mrs. Armitt on a Friday) and Mrs. Clarke. Key groups give us time to ‘focus in’ on children’s play and conversations and help us really get to know the children in our group. We will let you know the key group your children are in a.s.a.p.


Fine motor skills activities – As part of the introduction to key group activities, we will be encouraging the children to join their key group leader at a ‘busy finger activity’ Activities will include: the reading area and table groups with fine motor activities such as: threading, mark making, scissor control etc. The children will start to ‘self-register’ by finding their name and placing it on the welcome board. We will of course give the children lots of encouragement and support to both join in the activities and find their names.


Communication - Please feel free to come and chat to any of us any time, before or after nursery sessions if you are at all concerned about anything. We keep a message book to write down if a different person is collecting your children. Please remember that we will ask for passwords if we are unsure of the person collecting your child.


Next week ......................we will be encouraging you to leave your child to come into class independently. You are of course welcome to come into the cloakroom to help them with their coats and bags however please try to encourage your children to enter the inner door to the classroom independently. Thank you!


Topic – we will be focusing on the topic ‘All about me’ next week. We will be sending home a sheet for you to attach a family photo. Feel free to add ‘extended’ family photos too.


Have a fun weekend and see you all on Monday............Mrs. May, Mrs. Pope, Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Armitt.



There's a tiny caterpillar on a leaf - learn about the life cycle of a butterfly

Words by Sue Nichols to the tune of 'One finger and thumb keep moving'

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