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Weekly Update (Week ending 22.03.19)


This week in Hopscotch Class, we have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables, tasted vegetable soup, painted a ‘vegetable family’ and used vegetables in our maths to help us learn about sharing odd and even numbers.  


We have completed our ‘Book in a Box’ models (based on Jack and the Beanstalk) and observed the changes to our beans (most now germinated). 


Supporting your child at home….


To support our work on sharing:

  1. Cut an apple into 8 slices.  Ask the children to share it equally between two people (one for you and one for me).  How many pieces do you have each?
  2. Make a cake and share it between 4 people.   How many slices would each person have?
  3. Share 4 biscuits between two toys.  How many biscuits does each toy get?
  4. Try sharing 3 biscuits between two toys.  How can we share out 3 biscuits (halve the third biscuit)


Dates for your diary….


Friday 29th March – Mother’s Day Surprises Room.   If you wish for your child to buy a present / or presents, please could you place their coins in a named purse / envelope.  The gifts range in price from 50p upwards to about £2.50.  


Parent Consultations - Tuesday 2nd April (5pm – 8pm)

                                  Thursday 4th April (3:15pm – 6pm)


End of Term – Friday 5th April


Next Week........


Our activities next week will focus around Mother’s Day.   Our key text will be:

I love you more each day by Suzanne Chiew and I love you just the way you are. Our number work will focus on the concept of ‘one more, one less’.  





Sound of the week: ‘b’ for: boot, box, bear, brush, Barbie, baby etc.


Have a great weekend. 


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson

Weekly Update (Week ending 15.03.19)


This week in Hopscotch Class, we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have retold the story using story maps thinking about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.  We have described different characters from the book and planted our own beanstalks!

The children have been very busy creating Jack and the Beanstalk shoe boxes and we will be continuing with these next week.

We have watch a ‘time lapse’ video of a bean growing and linked this to what might happened next to our beans.    Each child has a bean diary and each week I will take a photo of the developing beans, adding these to their diaries.


Next Week........


Our focus will be based on ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘The Carrot Club’.  Towards the end of the week we will be making and tasting vegetable soup.  We will be exploring colour mixing to recreate some of the vegetables in the story, recapping beginning, middle and the end of the stories and counting vegetables and be beginning to match numeral and quantity correctly.  





Sound of the week: ‘C’ for: carrots, crisps, car, cauliflower, cow, crow etc


Have a great weekend. 


Mrs May, Mrs Pope, Mrs Denham, Mrs Armitt and Mrs Robertson


Dates for your diary!

  • P.E will return to a Wednesday from next week.
  • Tuesday 2 April – Parent Consultations – 5pm (will confirm finish time)
  • Thursday 4 April – Parent Consultations – 3:15pm (will confirm finish time)


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