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Welcome to our Library!

Mrs. Armitt is our Librarian

Each year public libraries across the country get involved in the Summer Reading Challenge, organised by The Reading Agency. In Hertfordshire, over 20,000 children took part in the 2016 challenge, The Big Friendly Read. Besides promoting reading for pleasure, the challenge helps to maintain children's reading levels so that they return to school in the autumn ready to pick up where left off at the end of the summer term. The aim of the challenge is to read any six books from their library during the summer holidays. There are rewards to pick up on the way and it's FREE to take part! All you need to do is sign up at your local library. Children who successfully complete the challenge receive a medal and certificate. They are also entered into a prize draw to win a ticket to an exclusive author event. The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge is 'Animal Agents', a detective team with a difference. Created by bestselling Horrid Henry illustrator Tony Ross, the clever creatures use their amazing natural instincts to solve a mystery at the library. For all the children who complete the challenge, we will celebrate their achievement at school in September and they will each receive a house point. You should have leaflet with all the information. Thank you …..Mrs Armitt


Our Year 5 Lunchtime Library Monitors are.....SophieH, Emily, SophieL, Reya, Crystal, Josh, AdamB, Lourenzo, Elena, Lorena, Olivia, Ella, Rosie, Imani, Rathisha, Adsaya & Tiya.

A BIG thank you to our parent volunteers who help in the library. You really make a difference - thank you!!


Thankyou to all the children who have donated special gifts of favourite books to celebrate their birthdays!


​We are always very happy to receive donations of books, but please do make sure that all books are as good as new and appropriate for reading by our primary aged​ children. 

Can you help.?..........Each class needs volunteers to help the children borrow and return books, if you can help in any class, please email Mrs Armitt - or talk to your child's class teacher.


Training is​ given to all volunteers on how to use the computerised system, so don't worry!.​ Without your help our children cannot borrow books.


What 's been happening in our library?

(Most of these ideas below have come from the children and our wonderful library monitors.)

  • The monitors hold Storytime Sessions for KS1 children. This has already proved to be very popular.
  • A trolley of books is at the library entrance which has books sorted into how appropriate they are for each key stage. We hope that this helps children who find the normal shelves too full to choose from.
  • We have now subscribed to a monthly magazine as well as a weekly newspaper, both produced especially for children.
  • KS2 now have the opportunity to visit the library during their lunch break.
  • Markers that children can take which help them to remember where books need to be put back on the shelves. ​


The library monitors do ask that children use the library as a quiet relaxing time and that they do not disturb other children who are trying to listen, otherwise they may be asked to leave.

If anyone has any more good ideas for the library​ our monitors would love to hear about them. So please do encourage your child to share any brainwaves with whoever is on duty that day.​​

How our Library System Works:

If there is an adult available to support the class​, your child will be given the opportunity to borrow a book once each week.

  • Each child in the school has a special bar-code in a folder, which allows them to take out a book. 
  • When finished, the books should be returned to a special  library book-box, which is situated in each classroom. These will be collected by the librarian through out the  week and they will then be logged back onto the computer system. 
  • The book must be returned, at the latest, two weeks before the end of each term so that a check can be made for overdue books. However it is assumed that most children will want to change their book more regularly.
  • If your book has not been returned by two weeks before the end of the half term in which it was borrowed, a slip will be sent home with your child requesting the book's return. 
  • If the book is still missing after a subsequent half term, a final reminder will be sent by letter and this could be accompanied by a text or email reminder.
  • Eventually, if the book has not been returned by the end of each half term, a non-returnable fine of £2.50 will be levied. The only modification to this is when the year 6s reach their final term, when they will need to return the books. (No matter how long the borrowing period has been.)
  • Children can choose any books from either the fiction or non-fiction section, although there are some books that have been allocated to the older children only because of content. (Please do let us know if you feel that a book is unsuitable for your child's age range and we will check it out as quickly as possible​ and may then reclassify it,  as unfortunately, we are not able to read every book that we have on our shelves.) 

Many thanks........Mrs. Armitt

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We return to school for the Autumn Term on Weds 6th September 8.55am!
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