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Welcome to our Governors' page....

Our Chair of Governors is Rebecca Pooley. You can contact the governors via this email address: or via the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also send letters for the governors to the school, who will pass them on.

What do the governors do?

Governors form the Governing Body of a school which has three roles; to be strategic, act as a critical friend and be accountable.

Strategic Role 
To be strategic, governors need to:

  • Ensure that the school has clear aims and values that are supported by the whole school community
  • Focus on raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning, so that pupils achieve to their potential.
  • Decide with the head, staff, pupils and parents the direction of the school through the school development planning process.
  • Ensure that the resources the school receives are directed to the school's priorities as determined in the school development plan.
  • Help to set and keep under review the policies that provide a broad framework within which the head teacher and staff should run the school.
  • ensure that there are systems in place to check that progress is being made towards targets and that evidence is gathered.
  • Use that evidence to review overall progress against targets, to see whether policies and practice are effective, and to check on their school's achievements and progress over time and in comparison with similar schools.
  • Take advice on all of this from the head before making their own decisions.

Critical Friend Role 
In this role, the governing body:

  • Recognises and celebrates the achievements of the school.
  • Knows where the school is not achieving as well as it could.
  • Provides support and encouragement when strategies to bring about improvement are being explored.
  • Strikes an appropriate balance between support and challenge.

Accountability Role 
To be accountable governors:

  • Are required to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.
  • Have the right to discuss, question and refine proposals and should respect the professional roles of the head teacher and other staff, and their responsibilities for the management of the school.
  • Must be prepared to account for the school 's overall performance and to explain its decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest. 

An update from the Governing Body...

The Governing Body at MPL has undergone a statutory reconstitution. The main difference is that there are now fewer governors than there were previously. Below is a list of current members and their main roles.​

Information about our Governors

Rebecca Pooley - Co-opted Governor - Chair.

Responsibilities: Pupil council and House Captains. UKS2 Link 

Previous work experience in Sales and HR

Committee Membership: Hearing/Head Teachers Performance/Pupil Discipline

Current term of governance: 1.9,2015-31.6.2018 (Chair since Autumn 2015,Vice Chair 2011-2015,Governor since 2010)

Kerry Thomas - Parent Governor - Vice Chair
Responsibilities: Safeguarding, Child Protection and Children Looked After, KS1 Link

Teaches in both primary and secondary schools and was Training and Development Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 10 years, and works at MPL.

Committee Membership: Pupil Discipline/Pay

Current term of governance: 1.9.2014-31.8.2018 (Governor since 2010, Vice Chair since Autumn 2015)

Joan Hooker - Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities: Computing and Learning

Is retired following a career in the IT industry, her three daughters all attended MPL.

Committee Membership: Hearing (Chair)/Pupil Discipline

Current term of governance: 1.9.2013-31.8.2017 (Governor since 2009)

Judith Roback - LEA Governor 

Responsibilities: Leader in learning and achievement and SIP, SEN/PPG, EYFS Link

A retired Head Teacher who has worked in State and Private Primary Schools.

Committee Membership: Appeals (Chair)/Pupil Discipline(Chair)/Head Teacher Performance (Chair) 

Current term of governance: 10.9.2016-10.9.2020 (Governor since 2012)

James Reeve - Co-opted Governor - Chair

Responsibilities: Leader in resources, Finance 

Chartered Accountant with extensive finance leadership experience in Commerce and Industry

Committee Membership: Appeals/Pay (Chair)

Current term of governance: 1.9.2015- 31.8.2019 (Governor since Autumn 2015)

John Dibdin - Head Teacher


Nicola Funnell - Staff Governor for Staff & TA's

Has worked at MPL school for the past 9 years, teaching throughout the year groups. 


Governor since Spring 2017


Suzanne Dolan - Parent Governor

Responsibilities: Safeguarding, Child Protection & Children Looked after, LKS2 Link

Works for the BBC on a long running serial drama. Responsible for driving sustainable values & working practices across the production & the management & welfare of all children cast members.

Committee Membership: Head Teachers Performance

Current term of governance: 31.8.2016-31.8.2019

Wendy Gill - Clerk 

Responsibilities: Policies

Wendy Gill is employed by the governing body as a Clerk – taking minutes of meetings and carrying out administrative tasks.

Committee Membership: Hearing (Clerk)/Appeals (Clerk)/Pupil Discipline (Clark)/Pay (Clark)


Governors who have held office in the past 12 months:

Tracy Lichtenstein - Parent Governor 1.7.14 - 13.7.16

Kirsty Macnish - Staff Governor 2015 - 31.12.16 

Peter Thorn Co opted Governor 1.5.13- 30.4.17

Laveen Ladharam  Co opted Governor

Terence Sweetman Co opted Governor

These governors also sit on various committees as required by the constitution e.g. Hearings, Appeals, Pupil Discipline, Pay and Head Teacher’s Performance Review. Each governor is required to attend training for the roles and responsibilities that they have. Although they are not MPL governors, the school Deputy Head - Hannah Dovey attends all governing body meetings and the School Business Manager attends when discussions around resources are required.

How do I become a governor?

Vacancies for Governors do arise from time to time so if you would like to be considered, please contact the school office.

Governors Contact Form

Please use this form to contact our governors if you would like to.

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