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Many thanks to those children and parents that helped water and weed over the summer holidays. The children will receive 10 mini merits each for their efforts.



We make compost throughout the year from all the fruit skins/food waste at snack time. We have a team of children who help to collect and empty the caddies from the classrooms and staffroom each day. A very smelly but very important job! 


Top Tips from Cara:
1. Don't water plants too much or they will drown
2. Make sure your plants don't get eaten by bugs​
3. Spray slug spray before you plant seeds
4. Pick your crops with an adult so they don't snap or get rotten
5. On hot days water your plants more often 
6. Don't water plants when the sun is properly out or they will get burnt - water them when the sun has gone down a little bit and water them at the root


Projects we have worked on last year.....

September 2016: Building a bug hotel to give them somewhere to hide in winter, weeding the vegetable beds, enjoying jam tarts with homemade jam from our fruit bushes.

October 2016: Carving pumpkins; separating the flesh and seeds to eat later, trying our own pumpkin soup - yummy!​​



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